Wounded Penis!

I’ve had a KSD G3 anti-pullout device situated inside my CB6000  chastity device for the last three weeks now, at least.  It’s completely stopped my masturbation, calmed my relentless hunt for arousal making me more productive, it’s made for some incredible sex with Lady Canary and it delivers to me an evil amount of pain early every morning that forces me out of bed to serve my Lady by making her coffee and breakfast, cleaning off and warming up her vehicle, etc whilst she sleeps sound and beautiful in our bed until her alarm wakes her up.  She LOVES this.  I love this.

And the sex, oh my god!  I’m definitely being cured of my porn-induced ED problem of only becoming fully erect shortly before orgasm.  It’s been a couple years since I simultaneously felt erect and relaxed.  I’m starting to fuck like a champion on a box of Wheaties again.  Lady Canary is completely dominating my mind during sex, whispering sweet cruelties into my ear when my cock is deep inside her, mildly abusing my penis with slaps and flicks while I lick her to orgasm.  Ass-paddlings have become a genuine punishment for me now that she’s grown bold and forceful with the paddle.  As much as I do love having received one and being allowed to cuddle up to her legs and grovel afterward, I genuinely do my best to avoid them now because they really hurt.

I was beginning to notice a couple days ago that arousal was growing especially painful. It’s always been pretty painful with this KSD G3 in place but even mild erections were hurting more and taking longer to recover from.  By yesterday it was really intense but this of course had an erotic side effect for me.  A wise man would’ve asked his wife/keyholder/mistress /what-have-you to unlock him and check his penis out last night before sleepy time, given the ruthless nature of night time/morning erections.  No, I had to be tough.  This morning, I was in enough apparent pain that my wife unlocked me on her own accord. We discovered an open wound on the top of my penis right where the head meets the shaft. (The penis-neck?) I cleaned it up and applied some polysporin. I already feel way better already but the wound is very tender.

My Lady left me unlocked so I’m feral today but I’m imagining my penis would cause me more pain than pleasure at this juncture.  She called me on her ride to work and she went into this cutesy pouty-baby sort of voice, sympathizing about the wounded state of my penis.  It was very mocking with lots of things like “Aw, my poor hubby has an ouchie on his little baby penis.”  (She has become way more comfortable in my penis’s desire to be belittled.) Oh my god, I grew to full-mast in a matter of seconds and let out and involuntary groan.  I told her how she had effected ‘my little baby penis’ and she told me that was her intent as she felt that I deserved it for my suffering.  I am in heaven, I swear.

I’m going to propose to her that we keep me unlocked until I fully heal and then we repeat the process.  I believe that each time, I’ll hang in there a little longer, seeing the way the back of my scrotum has toughened up. I’m willing to give it a shot.  Soon enough, we’re going to order a Birdlocked Neo for me for daytime wear but I want to keep this evil bitch of a combo (the CB6000/KSD G3) for sleepy time because it truly does improve our home life for me to wake up from the physical pain of my Lady’s control over me every morning.  It turns me on to no end and Lady Canary feels quite loved and worshipped.


Lady Canary’s Rules For Her Pet

These are the rules for me upon which my Lady has decided:

1) Her pet will stand and bow head when Her Ladyship enters a room. If we are in public, standing will be sufficient. Failure to do so will result in a punishment.

2) Her pet will do daily chores according to a chore list approved by Her Ladyship. Chores are to be designed to keep household clean and tidy, but not to take up excessive time.

3) Her pet must ask how he may serve Her Ladyship once each hour and when She returns from work each day.
4) Her pet must sit at Her Ladyship’s feet for at least 15 minutes every night possible to rub her feet.
5) Any morning upon which it is possible, Her pet will help Her Ladyship get dressed by holding Her clothing, helping Her put on clothing and anything else of use to Her Ladyship.
6) Pet must anticipate refilling of Her Ladyship’s water glass.
7) Pet will remain in chastity 24/7 with rules 8 through 11 as the exceptions.
8) Pet will be allowed out of device for weekly cleaning and check-up. This may also be at Her Ladyship’s supervision.

9) Pet will be allowed the privilege of private gentleman time once per month.  This is a privilege, not a right.  Her Ladyship can revoke this privilege if Pet does not perform daily tasks according or at her whim.

10) Pet will be granted sexual activities of Her Ladyship’s choosing and at her discretion.  Said activities may or may not include an orgasm for Her pet. Furthermore, Her Ladyship is under no obligation to allow Her pet any orgasms.

11) Her pet must also be let out of device if he has pain or medical need. He must let Her Ladyship know if this is needed immediately.

12) Her pet will not allow pubic stubble to develop. He will maintain a cleanly groomed private area.  Pet will be allowed one small patch of pubic hair directly above his penis but this can be revoked by Her Ladyship as a form of punishment.
13) As pet’s cock belongs to Her Ladyship, She reserves the right to dress or decorate it in a manner suitable to her tastes, including tattoos or piercings
14) Pet will make no choices in clothing, hair, facial hair or any other appearance decision without the approval of Her Ladyship who will decide exactly how Her pet is presented.
15) Her pet will always carry Her Ladyship’s belongings for her when out in public
16) Her pet will remain close behind and to the right of Her Ladyship as much as possible when in public.
17) Her Ladyship reserves the right to expose pet’s submissive status to anyone acquainted or not at any time.
18) Her pet will routinely be denied orgasm from September 15th until October 15th of every year.
19) On October 15th, Her Ladyship will allow Her pet to dictate a sexual encounter between Her and him.  This will be presented ahead of time in text form, to Her Ladyship for possible revisions to be communicated ahead of time.

Now I’m Really Locked!

It was quite a nice Valentines Day weekend in the Lady Canary household.  We spent some really nice time together.  Lady Canary had my cock locked up for the week leading up to it and over the course of that week she had some big breakthroughs in learning how to truly own me in get into my psyche.  She’s beginning to tease and deny with much elegance and prowess.  Before recently, she was rather unsure of what she was supposed to do.

One evening when she was leaving me especially teased and desperate, walking out of the room, she said “Wow, that’s all it takes?  Well, that’s easy.  I can do that.”  What she had been specifically doing was playing with the cage on my cock, rattling it around casually and poking at the slits in the device while occasionally whispering sweet sentiments of ownership in my ear, calling me a good boy and the like.  I was absolutely putty and I still am.  I’ve only recovered about 10%.

Part of this is due to a new addition to my cage.  Lady Canary ordered me an anti-pullout device for my CB6000.  A couple weeks back, I discovered that it was relatively easy for me to pull out.  I managed to be a good boy most of the time but I did cheat twice and felt incredibly guilty.  Then I resolved to face the fact that it would require my will power.  Then the device and all of its many little irritations started to feel rather pointless.  My arousal level bottomed out and I was obnoxiously pandering for T&D to try to make up for the loss. I researched and found the KSD-G3 anti-pullout device.

I shared the link with my Lady and she promptly ordered it, verbally making the point that there’s no sense in me wearing it if she doesn’t have complete control of it. I got butterflies immediately when she said it. I stayed locked (and faithful) nonetheless until Friday night, which was our Valentines celebration, as I would be playing a society gig the following night. She teased my while I remained locked for quite sometime until she let me kiss on her legs and beg for her pussy. She likes to incrementally allow me things. First she’ll allow me to smell, then she might allow me to caress with my nose and so on until I’m eventually bringing her to orgasm with my tongue. Afterward, I always thank her for allowing me to pleasure her.

She then allowed me to beg for release and after a few minutes granted me it. When she unlocked me and began to slide the tube off, my cock sprang out like one of those snake-in-a-can gag gifts. We had glorious intercourse that seemed to last a respectable amount of time. I’m unsure now of whether it was that time or the time a week before that she teased me more about cuckolding me. Nonetheless, whatever she did and said ultimately led me to filling coming deep inside of her. These days when I do get to come, it’s only inside her and nowhere else. She has always really enjoyed the feeling but lately when I come in her, she gets the most devious and self-satisfied smile on her face that really conveys the knowledge that she now truly owns me. If I hadn’t made her come already, I would’ve been ordered to go down on her immediately after that. Instead, I was ordered to clean her with a warm wet hand-towel. 😦

The following day, while our toddler napped soundly and we were relaxing in the living room together, I started kissing her and was able to perk her arousal level a bit. I was still unlocked from the night before. I asked her if she wanted to let me fuck her once more before immediately locking me up for two-weeks. She became aroused by my bravery because we haven’t gone more than 9 days. She let me pleasure her orally again and then she let me fuck her while she watched a movie on Netflix. She knows this drives me out of my mind with lust. I had told her that I wanted to be made to operate on a timer every now and again. She obliged quite devilishly by setting a timer for 20 minutes, knowing damned well that with her doing the bored-wife routine, watching Netflix whilst allowing me penetration, I’d be lucky to last five.

This time, she wasn’t able to completely ignore my presence like the last time we played like this. By the end, about eight minutes later, she was pretty well engaged. The eight-minute marathon (lol) and the positive reception tell me that doing 30 minutes of Kegel exercises in my cage every day is paying off. Lady Canary had Monday off this week and my anti-pullout device arrived in the mail. It comes in three sizes and I, having a catalog-model-average penis seemed to fit the middle one like a charm right of the bat. As soon as I was fitted with it and locked back up, I realized that shit had just gotten real.

My last 48 hours of chastity are exactly how I had imagined it in my fantasies. Before the anti-pull-out device was installed, erections felt quite nice in the device to the point where I would intentionally cause them. Now, I have considerably less room in there, to the point where even when totally un-aroused, my dick is bulging out of the breathing slits. When I grow semi-erect, it feels like a firm squeeze, erotic in its mild discomfort. If I squeeze while semi-erect, it hurts so I have to be totally un-aroused for the Kegel exercises now. If I get a raging stiffy, it is downright painful and boy do I fucking love it. I might be able to pull out of this with the aid of ice water but not with out extensive pain and very possible damage so I’m not planning to make any attempts. It’s a solid enough deterrent for me.

Yesterday, Lady Canary’s new garter belt, fishnet stockings and black lace panties arrived late from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I took photos of the items and a photo of my poor little friend all frustrated in his cage and sent them to her at work. The two pictures attached are the responses that I received. Note in the vagina shot that she is not at all shaved. She takes pride in the fact that she’s in her natural state downstairs whereas her subby-hubby is very shaved now. This is because months ago before any of this began, I was regularly urging her to shave her pussy and she refused based on comfort. Now she get’s to take the “How do YOU like it” position but much to her chagrin, I find it to be enjoyable as long as I keep up on it. I want to be given the responsibility to shave her pussy every other night. Here’s to dreams.

IMG_7040 Untitled-1

Anyway, the photos drove me out of my mind as they were intended to do. Tonight, we’re going to sit down and hammer out a list of rules for me to live by, because as of yet, neither of us is satisfied with the amount of control she has over me. I’m being a good boy and doing all my chores but I want to be under an extreme amount of control. So tonight we discuss rules, punishments and rewards. I have butterflies thinking about it now.

Ode To an Amazing Dominant Wife

A lot of the more sensibly minded men in the male chastity world find a lot of the Female Led Relationship (FLR) ideas about male chastity are well…ridiculous.  The basic idea being that if you (the partner of a man) control a man’s orgasms, you will find that he grows more obedient and subservient to you.  He will perform household tasks that he wouldn’t normally be willing to do.  He will become more emotionally attentive and affectionate, more willing to cuddle and kiss, ETC.  You get the idea.

I know that there are plenty of relationships into chastity where these ideas are purely fiction.  In some cases, you have men who already behave as desired and at the other end of the spectrum, you have the fiercely independent manly men who derive some well-earned macho pride for doing one of the scariest things a man can imagine doing.  Handing over the control of his sexuality for the sake of re-ignited desire in his relationship.  I find myself identifying with both groups in different ways.  In my case, I’m definitely not your chastity-sissy-cuckold type who wants to be completely and eternally denied and subjugated though any of those elements in responsible moderation, I can roll with and enjoy.

I’m no grizzly bear but I’m an overall alfa-force in my day to day living and work.  I’m a natural leader and a gifted educator who’s always been popular amongst my students and I’ve been the target of many an innocent crush.  At age 38, I’m strong willed and anti-authoritarian to the bone, no less culturally rebellious than when I was 21 years old.

When it comes to the woman I love, though, I crave to be fully controlled by means of her sexual authority.  I do consider the female to be the sexual authority in this world.  Even if I didn’t, I’d still have to face the facts that while I’ve been blessed with some enviable drives and talents, I’ve been cursed with deficiencies in the more practical areas of life.  By the time I turned 30, it was clear to me that I needed a woman who was strong enough to control me and benevolent enough to steer me in a proper direction.  A guy in my position could easily look for a lifetime and come up short on finding such a mate.

Due to an incredible change of luck, 5 years ago, that woman found me.  For the first time in my life, I had a woman with the full capacity to appreciate who I am.  Still, it took me close to 5 years to fully expose my male-sub desires to her but it was the best move I ever made.  We researched FLRs and decided that we were the right sort of couple to attempt such a lifestyle.  The chastity device purchase was simply a means of establishing her authority in a very real way.

I’ve been in chastity for a month now with weekly orgasms and all of those relationship benefits that so many roll their eyes at, are as real as anything in our household.  I’ve never been a big kisser in all my adulthood and now I find myself making out with my wife like we’re in the 9th grade.  I’ve taken regular and thorough care of the household more than ever before.  (I’m the stay-at-home-dad)  I’m cooking lunches and dinners every day for my wife and kids and I’m waiting on my wife, hand and foot.  The whole time, and I mean the whole time, I am absolutely loving it and feeling genuine fulfillment.

The more desperate of a state I’m in romantically/sexually the more I perform like a champ in everyday life.  I learned this about myself the first time I got dumped.  I rediscovered it the first time I was cheated on.  I discovered it again when my middle son’s mother fell in love with a co-worker and broke-up with me a month before I could move out.  Until now, I never had the balls to ask of a woman to keep me in that desperate and mesmerized state as profoundly and frequently as possible.

I’m about to go two weeks in chastity w/o orgasm which will be a record for me as my wife and I are rather new to this. The rules she set was that I may get released for “exercise” if I’ve been especially good and productive. The exercise might be T&D, controlled intercourse or supervised masturbation, depending on her mood. Her birthday is in 12 days and she reserves the right to cut me loose a couple days shy, if she’s feeling frisky. 12 days will still be a record for me.

I enjoy being locked more when she keeps me sexually frustrated as often as possible because then it feels like this glorious sexual dance that goes on for days.  She’s becoming more comfortable now that she’s realizing that she has no need to feel guilty in doing so.  She’s learning that the more desperate she can get me, the more I love and gladly serve her in return.  She’s becoming quite the goddess and she’s learning how to very effectively kick my ass into high-gear.  Like I said, I’m the sort of guy who really needs that sort of help and I’m a lucky man to have it.

‘The Strap-On Chastity Fuck’ and ‘My Dirty Ex’

(This entry began as a response to a comment posted pcguy0681 to a thread of mine but I got long winded as usual so I moved it over to my word processor and went all out. It turned into a two-parter with a segue.)

Yes, I can just imagine my dick straining to break out of the cage while being made to use a strap-on dildo on my wife. It’s a recently developed fantasy of mine so it’s been quite arousing to think about. I’d definitely want to use something considerably girthier than myself (she doesn’t want it any longer) just for the added sting of erotic jealousy. I can damn near taste the level of desperation such an activity could bring out of me.

In reality, my wife hasn’t ever owned a dildo larger than my penis. In her history, she has one quite well hung ex and one very sadly endowed ex with a few in between, so she’s run the gambit and she swears by the overall size and design of my penis. My inner cuckold is bummed-out by this but I’m starting to think that whole part of my personality is one and the same as the part that over a decade ago managed to procrastinate my way into jail for a week.

Simply put, I’m not naturally the biggest fan of responsibility. Being the sole-provider of intimate pleasure to another person is certainly a responsibility. As a heterosexual male in our society, there’s an unwritten that you are only as good as your ability to please a lady. It’s always on a guy’s mind, whether when his woman talks to her friends about her sex life, what sort of grade he might receive. A lot of dudes who have enough stress to begin with via work life ultimately crack under that pressure and seek the safe haven of cuckoldry where they feel like their inability to please is no longer putting their marriage in jeopardy. It’s become easy for me to see why a lot of men go down that road and some times it sounds great to me.

But I remain the sexual work-horse in chastity for the time being and I’m enjoying it quite well. I am having mild orgasm control issues already so Lady Canary may decide to make me a cage-free pet once more if it worsens or continues. We continue to experiment to make it work because we’re both really enjoying the charge that putting me in chastity has brought both romantically as well as practically. Ultimately I leave it all up to my wife. She likes being the boss and I’ll go wherever She leads me. I just wish it were by leash sometimes.

I experienced being cuckolded by my ex-wife in my early 20s. She was a serious natural fem-dom who trained me hard for pleasuring her by any and all means. She also liked to feminize me by way of encouraging me to suck on her dildos (some really big) and eventually use them on me and have me use them on myself in front of her. She would dig for my fetishes and use them on/for/against me.

When she continued to probe my sexual psyche, she (or we, I should say) discovered that jealousy and humiliation were major erotic triggers of mine. If she told me that she wanted me to watch her get fucked by a guy with a cock twice as big as mine or just simply acted nonchalant while I fucked her, it would send me into a frenzy of arousal. She was built to take cocks much larger than mine and her dildo collection was a testament to that. It was a dense cocktail. She was a sexually liberated size-queen arm-chair feminist with a natural desire to dominate men and I was an averagely endowed, self-absorbed yet emotionally oriented young attractive male, the perfect prey.

By the end of our marriage, I had watched my ex-wife and her live-in boyfriend fuck about a foot above my head, I had been served many a sloppy second (I loved how she felt and tasted after her lover), I had been DENIED many a sloppy second, I had been made to lay on the living room couch and listen to them in the bedroom, made to sit in the backseat most of the time when we would go out as a trio. It wasn’t all degradation all day. Sometimes she’d sneak me away for some ‘alone time’ with her and the sex would be long, hot and orgasm filled for us both.

One of the most vivid memories for me happened on a night when I was playing a really successful gig. After playing and after being completely showered in accolades by men and women alike, I was carrying my gear out to the car by way of the back alley. There in that alley I discover my wife with her long black dress hoisted up and her boyfriend on his knees just burying his face in there. I still think that action was directed at me and most likely it was purely to turn me on. I was a little hurt and a little mad because I felt like she just knocked me down a few pegs from my place of elevated confidence but there was no denying that I was also consumed with lust for her and I’ll bet the next time we had sex was a good one.

Ultimately, she divorced me. It had little to do with the cuckoldry although I couldn’t see that at the time. It was mostly due to my alarmingly low maturity level and my inability to take care of myself let alone anybody else at that time. I contributed very little time/effort/money to the home and I felt that her extra-marital activities gave me license to treat her disrespectfully. I just sat around sucking up resources, immersed in my own world, which was that of musical development.

After being apart for a couple years, I eventually pulled it together some and won her back for a short period where we maintained a long distance relationship via weekend train trips. During that period, I was treating her like a queen and she was regularly fulfilling my favorite kink and fetish desires (minus the cuckolding) with stunning accuracy and prowess. It came to a close when I unexpectedly fell very much in love with a girl whom I met while playing a gig but that’s another story for another day. After that she reconnected with her boyfriend and is still with him over a decade later.

The only un-fem-dom thing about my ex-wife was that even in the height of her cuckolding me, she was still giving me 10+ orgasms a week and mostly by oral and vaginal means. I think if she had known anything about male chastity and orgasm denial, I would have been in serious trouble. But yes, way before I would have been ready to explore any such kinks, I was dominated, cuckolded and somewhat feminized by a very authoritative woman. Yeah, I would say that had an impact on me.

The following relationship turned out to be the most un-erotic tale of sexual denial to ever be told. It’s a story that I’ll tell soon enough but it’s sure to be a whole lot shorter.

Tootles until then.

Entry #6, 02-12-15: Deepening Bonds

It’s been 9 days since I’ve had a chance to sit down and work on this journal. The night of my last entry, I was feeling frustrated with a lack of erotic interaction. Not sex, just interaction. I felt as though Lady Canary was content to lock me away and forget about it all together until she felt like unlocking me for intercourse. She seemed to have little concern for the whole aspect of keeping me aroused while locked. So instead of feeling helplessly obedient and devoted to her pleasure (sexual or otherwise), I just felt castrated, rebellious and resentful. That night, with much shame, I uttered our safeword and she handed over the key and went to bed. I masturbated and made myself come but as soon as I did, I wanted to put the chastity device back on. I did so and walk into the bedroom and asked Lady Canary to lock it and take the key back.

Since then we’ve had some discussions about it and she’s come to understand her end of the responsibility a little more clearly. She has really been starting to exercise her feminine authority over me and it makes me feel so deeply aroused that I can’t even get close to the words in order to describe the feeling. One evening last week, she made me go out running errands in a silky pair of her panties and didn’t let me take them off until late that night in bed after she had me orally service her, my cock raging in the cage the whole time.

She’s also become rather comfortable fantasizing out loud about cuckolding me while we have intercourse. She’ll say things like “You better keep that dick nice and hard for me or I’ll just have to find somebody who can.” I immediately become twice as erect. “Maybe I’ll keep you in your cage and tie you to a chair and make you watch him fucking me.” At this point I have to ask permission to come and usually the answer is no but sometimes, she can’t resist letting me because she loves the power rush that occurs. That’s exciting enough for me but to make matters even more arousing, she’s now comfortable ordering me to clean her, orally after I come inside her.

Two nights ago I was being disobedient and surprisingly, her reaction was to seduce me, make me come, which I didn’t want to do and immediately cage me back up. She then told me to go and get the paddle. I gave it to her and assumed the position. That’s when I discovered that she had been concealing her anger. She practically lit my ass on fire with that paddle. I mean it REALLY hurt. She verbally chastised me in between whacks. She went to bed feeling quite satisfied with herself and I was left feeling like a little boy. That was two nights ago. Last night, she was cuddling on the sofa with me and said “Well, you’ve been a good boy so I suppose I don’t need to spank you…that is…unless you want me to.” I turned and smiled. “Of course I want you to!” I got the paddle and gave it to her and bent over. She gave me some whacks that weren’t as painful as the angry whacks from the night before but certainly more painful than the first dozen paddlings she had given me.

As she whacked my ass, she explained that every day she expects me to perform at least one entirely unprompted task that I believe will please her. As she paddled me firmly she made me promise that I would do that. So first thing today, I cleaned and re-organized our cookware cupboard and cleaned and de-cluttered the top of the refrigerator. She also made me promise to stop trying to have sexual discussions with her via text while she’s at work.

Lady Canary is blossoming as a dominant and I am very happy in my service to her. She has decided against keeping me on any sort of orgasm schedule because we both enjoy the effect of keeping me guessing and always working hard for a release. It gives her much more power over me and that makes us both happy. Though my orgasms are now strictly limited, there has been no slowing in the department of intercourse. We both enjoy it and it doesn’t seem to threaten the power balance as when I’m inside of Lady Canary, she’s in complete control of me. I fantasize sometimes about her buying a strap-on and making me wear it to fuck her while my poor little dick remains caged but, I’m not sure I could handle that as the norm.

Until next time, stay classy!

FLR – Chores and Obedience Exercises

As I’ve previously written, Lady Canary is a natural dominant.  Much of it was minimized and discouraged throughout Her life, leading up to our life together, but being the type of sub that I am, I could feel Her dominance as soon as we became involved.  I was scared but certainly aroused.  She has long since earned my love and full trust, not to mention respect and adoration.  Long before I came to her, asking that she be my official authority figure in our relationship, I was already serving her on a couple of levels: by way of chores and by way of sex.

A couple months into our FLR experiment, she now has full control my cock and my orgasms.  I serve her sexually whilst remaining denied for our own benefit.  Also I’m doing more chores and snapping to it much more readily.  I’m allowed a certain small amount of time to just directly worship, which I enjoy.  She even spanks me with a kitchen paddle!  I have become a teddy bare when it comes to cuddling with Her.  My fantasies have gone from Her cuckolding and humiliating me to this beautiful back and forth dichotomy that goes as follows:

Side A:

She is teasing me about my predicament in various ways and reminding me of the control she has over me.  She lets me beg for release from my chastity device and pretends that she is going to unlock me and then changes her mind at the last minute.  She teases me that she’s decided to keep me locked for some scary long length of time.  “I don’t really think you’ve been a good enough pet to be released tomorrow.  I think I’m going to see how you do locked up for another month.”  She lets me pleasure her over and over while promising release and then retracting the decision after she is satisfied.  She takes every opportunity to make me swell in my cage.

Side B:

She is holding me and talking sweetly in my ear about how good of a boy I’m being and telling me how She’s doing all this for my own good, in order to keep me operating at my peak for as long as possible and giving me a longer life.  She offers me sweet affection and comforting when I’m feeling frustrated to a point of almost breaking.  When I’ve served my time she releases me after she’s already been thoroughly pleased and allows me to play however I want for as long as I want inside her sweet and satisfied pussy while she either offers me lots of pet/owner like verbal encouragement or browses Facebook on her iPhone.  In the event of her browsing Facebook, I continue in earnest until she drops the phone and is thoroughly engaged with my cock.

Another thing that I long for is the idea of obedience exercises.  The primary difference in performing a chore and performing an obedience exercise is this: the only purposes of the obedience exercise is to re-affirm the D/s relationship and for the amusement of the Dominant / arousal of the submissive.  “A chore has the multi-function of affirming the sub’s submission and completing a practical task that improves the couple’s quality of life.  A sub who’s assigned lots of chores an no obedience exercises winds up feeling like less of a sub and more of a sucker.  Obedience exercises need to be things of a non practical and humbling nature.  This shows the sub that the dominant isn’t just enjoying having her car shoveled out after a blizzard, she’s enjoying his submission and Her dominance.  This also gives a new dominant the chance to grow accustomed to Her level of power.

At this point, I’ve had the brief joy of a couple short and simple obedience exercises and a never ending backlog of chores.  I’m hoping this will balance out but if it doesn’t I’m prepared to serve my Lady Canary however she will allow me.  She has fulfilled desires of mine that I thought I would die before experiencing and we’re really just getting started.  All I know is at this point in our marriage, my mind is always on her and I’m always working hard to please her.  I resolved to let her all the way inside of my heart and head and thats still a little scary but Lady Canary has been such a loving and supportive wife, she’s made it easy.

I don’t envy the vanilla relationships I see around me.  I feel connected to my wife in a way that I never knew until I stopped keeping the world of my desires and the world of reality separate.  We are both growing and learning about ourselves and every passing day is an adventure, even the days where there is no sexual activity at all.  I’m a lucky pet husband, no doubt about it.